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Draping & Clothing Options

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE TREATMENT : Draping options include the same as for the Swedish massage, wearing undergarments while covered with towel(s) or a sheet. A two-piece swimsuit or sports bra for women and loose jogging/workout-type shorts for women and men is my preferred choice for this treatment.

CRANIOSACRAL TREATMENT : the same as the Myofascial Release draping/clothing options, or you may wear loose, comfortable street clothing.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE : Draping options are the same as for the Swedish massage.

SWEDISH RELAXATION MASSAGE or HOT STONE MASSAGE : Traditionally given while you are unclothed. You may choose to wear undergarments or nothing at all, as modesty and comfort levels vary from person to person. Modest and careful draping procedures are used at all times.

You will be asked to remove any belts, shoes, socks, and jewelry.

PLEASE NOTE: Only Sacred Earth Botanicals massage oils and lotions are used. These products use organic ingredients, are unscented, and hypo-allergenic.


Your health considerations are important to me!

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